The Chalet School Series   

The Chalet School Series
by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer

Joey, who was a little in advance of the rest, cried, "Well met, Gisela!  How is't with thee, sweet chuck?"

Juliet gurgled.  She really couldn't help it.

"Joey!" exclaimed Gisela.  "You must not use slang!"

"Nor did I, pretty mistress!" replied Jo, her black eyes dancing wickedly.

"Surely 'sweet ch—chuck' is slang!" exclaimed Gisela, stumbling slightly over the unusual term.

"Nay; 'tis the English of Will Shakespeare," responded naughty Jo . . . . . Meanwhile, Evadne, at the other table, turned to Bernhilda, and said, "How thinkest thou, gentle Bernhilda; will it snow?"

Bernhilda, dumbfounded at this unusual mode of address, said nothing.  There really was little that could be said.  Miss Bettany had told them to read the classics and see how little slang was used there, and to try to model their own speech rather more on them than on that of cheap magazines filled with Americanese and language which might be suitable for boys, but was not allowable for girls.

The middles had taken her at her word, and were modeling their language on the classics.  They had only gone rather further back than she had intended.

                                                                                  —pages 113-114, Jo of the Chalet School

The Chalet School Series was written by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer and was originally published by Chambers in hardcover with dust jacket from 1925 through 1970.  Many of the titles in the series have also been reprinted in softcover, but most of the softcover books are heavily edited.  Thus, it is necessary to purchase the original hardcover books in order to guarantee that one acquires the original story.

The Chalet School Series is very popular with collectors in the United Kingdom, and many of the books are very hard to find and are very, very expensive.  The series is practically unknown in the United States, as it has never been published here.  It is unfortunate that this series is unknown and unavailable in the United States, as I believe that it is worth collecting.  The cost of the books is very prohibitive for U.S. collectors due to the weakness of the U.S. dollar against the British pound.

For those who wish to learn more about the Chalet School Series, there are a number of internet sites that provide excellent information.  Both the New Chalet Club and the Friends of the Chalet School contain a wealth of information about the publishing history of the series.  The New Chalet Club has a nice biography of Elinor Brent-Dyer.  The
CBB Forum contains message boards and discussions concerning everything one could want to know about the Chalet School books.  The CBB is a locked forum, but the main page contains clues to the user name and password that are required to access the forum.

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The title information listed at the right is sourced in part from
Friends of the Chalet School and from The New Chalet Club.

Titles in the Chalet School Series:

  1. The School at the Chalet, 1925
  2. Jo of the Chalet School, 1926
  3. The Princess of the Chalet School, 1927
  4. The Head Girl of the Chalet School, 1928
  5. The Rivals of the Chalet School, 1929
  6. Eustacia Goes to the Chalet School, 1930
  7. The Chalet School and Jo, 1931
  8. The Chalet Girls in Camp, 1932
  9. The Exploits of the Chalet Girls, 1933
10. The Chalet School and the Lintons, 1934
11. The New House at the Chalet School, 1935
12. Jo Returns to the Chalet School, 1936
13. The New Chalet School, 1938
14. The Chalet School in Exile, 1940
15. The Chalet School Goes to It, 1941
16. Highland Twins at the Chalet School, 1942
17. Lavender Laughs in the Chalet School, 1943
18. Gay From China at the Chalet School, 1944
19. Jo to the Rescue, 1945
20. Three Go to the Chalet School, 1949
21. The Chalet School and the Island, 1950
22. Peggy Of The Chalet School, 1950
23. Carola Storms the Chalet School, 1951
24. The Wrong Chalet School, 1952
25. Shocks for the Chalet School, 1952
26. The Chalet School in the Oberland, 1952
27. Bride Leads the Chalet School, 1953
28. Changes for the Chalet School, 1953
29. Joey Goes to the Oberland, 1954
30. The Chalet School and Barbara, 1954
31. Tom Tackles the Chalet School, 1955
32. The Chalet School Does it Again, 1955
33. A Chalet Girl from Kenya, 1955
34. Mary-Lou of the Chalet School, 1956
35. A Genius at the Chalet School, 1956
36. A Problem for the Chalet School, 1956
37. The New Mistress at the Chalet School, 1957
38. Excitements at the Chalet School, 1957
39. The Coming of Age of the Chalet School, 1958
40. The Chalet School and Richenda, 1958
41. Trials for the Chalet School, 1958
42. Theodora and the Chalet School, 1959
43. Joey and Co. in Tirol, 1960
44. Ruey Richardson - Chaletian, 1960
45. A Leader in the Chalet School, 1961
46. The Chalet School Wins the Trick, 1961
47. A Future Chalet School Girl, 1962
48. The Feud in the Chalet School, 1962
49. The Chalet School Triplets, 1963
50. The Chalet School Reunion, 1963
51. Jane and the Chalet School, 1964
52. Redheads at the Chalet School, 1964
53. Adrienne and the Chalet School, 1965
54. Summer Term at the Chalet School, 1965
55. Challenge for the Chalet School, 1966
56. Two Sams at the Chalet School, 1967
57. Althea Joins the Chalet School, 1969
58. Prefects of the Chalet School, 1970

The La Rochelle Series is another series written by Elinor Brent-Dyer that ties in to the Chalet School Series.  It apparently has events that are mentioned in the Chalet School books. 

There are also a couple of stand-alone books by Elinor Brent-Dyer that are connected to the Chalet School series.

Titles in the La Rochelle Series:

Gerry Goes to School, 1922
A Head Girl's Difficulties, 1923
The Maids of La Rochelle, 1924
Seven Scamps, 1927
Heather Leaves School, 1929
Janie of La Rochelle, 1932
Janie Steps In, 1953

Other Related Books:

Monica Turns Up Trumps, 1936
The Lost Staircase, 1946

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