Louise and Jean Dana  

The Dana Girls Mystery Stories
#14-17 (Second Set)

The summaries have been adapted from the publisher summaries.
  #14 The Curious Coronation

Eight invitations mysteriously sent to Louise and Jean Dana for the same teenage pageant start these young detectives on a harrowing series of incidents.  They must locate the fabulous stolen jeweled crown to be worn by the winning contestant.  Their first clue leads to a hunt for the statue of a mythical bird.  They find this prize only to lose it, but do not give up.  One of the contestants is kidnapped.  After receiving a strange message, Louise and Jean, with their friends Ken and Chris, embark on a dangerous rescue.  Readers will hurry through this book to see if Louise and Jean succeed.
The Curious Coronation
  #15 The Hundred-Year Mystery

A treasure in jewels and gold coins is hidden somewhere on the Beacon College campus!  But where is it?  And where is the codicil in which John Beacon, founder of the school, revealed its location?

These are the questions the Danas are asked to resolve by their uncle, Phil Kenmore, president of Beacon, as the college approaches its centennial, the date on which it is to receive the fortune.  During their investigation, Louise and Jean explore spooky caves and are almost drowned at the site of a Viking mishap from many centuries ago.

The Hundred-Year Mystery
But even before their hunt begins, the Danas are harassed by extortionists who claim to have the missing codicil.  The girls' efforts are sabotaged over and over again by these unscrupulous enemies who will use any means—even the bombing of the school—to terrorize the Danas and hamper their search.  Their resolve unshaken, the Danas follow every lead until, through a study of ancient Viking symbols and customs, they outwit their enemies in a breath-taking finale.
  #16 Mountain Peak Mystery

Tammi Hodge, a fourteen year old orphan, is searching for the secret disclosed in a manuscript written by her grandfather.  But the manuscript has been stolen, and a copy of it seems to have disappeared.  Tammi asks the Danas to help her find the hidden duplicate.

Louise and Jean take the case, but soon realize they are in a dangerous race with unknown enemies who are also hunting for the duplicate manuscript.  The Danas encounter new threats to their lives at every turn as the thieves try to scare them off the Hodge property.  Tammi is almost kidnapped, and a strange earthquake rocks the mountaintop home.

Mountain Peak Mystery
The Danas' discovery of a hidden tunnel containing a strange gray powder is followed by an even more exciting find.  But their jubilation ends when they realize they are trapped in the tunnel.  Readers will thrill at the Danas' rescue, their defeat of cunning adversaries, and a fantastic revelation that goes back to prehistoric times.
  #17 The Witch's Omen

Louise and Jean's Halloween party is interrupted by the arrival of an uninvited witch who claims to be the keeper of the storm petrel.  The witch's departure is followed by a mysterious fire in a coat closet, which breaks up the party and starts the Danas on a strange and worrisome case.  Was the witch's arrival an omen that bad luck would come to them?  Danger follows as the Danas meet the "petrel gang," a group of international lawbreakers.

To make matters worse, their Uncle Ned, captain of the ocean liner Balaska, is reported to be seriously ill and responsible for injuries to his passengers during a terrific hurricane.

The Witch's Omen
Louise and Jean fly to New York, distraught by news of their uncle's plight.  They are confronted with surprising and unexpected news as they uncover an invaluable clue.  With great courage and superior sleuthing skills, they unravel a puzzling mystery of contraband cargo at the waterfront.
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