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Last Updated May 7, 2016


Booksleuth's Series Book Collection
Timothy O'Herin covers many interesting topics related to his decades of series book collecting.

Nancy Drew Sleuth
Jenn Fisher's blog keeps you informed about all things Nancy Drew.

River Heights Fangirl
The River Heights Fangirl writes interesting reviews of Nancy Drew books.

Series Book Collecting
Jack writes about various topics related to series book collecting.

Series Books for Girls
I write about series books and related topics including eBay and Bonanzle.

Voyages of the Susabella
"Lenora" reviews many of the more obscure series books, helping the reader become informed about some worthwhile hard to find books.

Bobbsey Twins

Bobbsey Twins Formats Page
James Keeline has created an excellent formats page for the Bobbsey Twins series.

Checklists and Galleries

The Cover Art of Childrens' Series Books
Jim McNamara is in the process of building this excellent site that features scans from his collection.

Frank Krieger's Boys' and Girls' Series Book Gallery
Frank Krieger presents a large archive of series book cover art.

Henry Altemus Company
This website focuses on the Henry Altemus Company and the many books it published.

Girls' Series Checklist 1840-1991
The University of Minnesota has compiled a massive list of girls' series books which were published from 1840 to 1991.

Mary Crosson's Series Book List
Mary Crosson has compiled a checklist of series books.

Discussion Groups

Judy Bolton Fans
The Judy Bolton Fans hold detailed discussions about the Judy Bolton books.

The Nancy Drew Sleuths
The Nancy Drew Sleuths group is the place to stay informed about the latest Nancy Drew news.
Happy Hollisters

Happy Hollisters
This site tells all about the Happy Hollisters series.

Horatio Alger

The Horatio Alger Society
This site has a wealth of information about Horatio Alger and his books.

Judy Bolton

The Judy Bolton Homepage
This site provides extensive information about Judy Bolton, including a large archive of articles.

Links Pages

Jennifer Fisher's Series Book Links
Jennifer Fisher has compiled an excellent list of series book links.

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Sleuth Unofficial Web Site
Visit the Nancy Drew Sleuth Site for cover art galleries and the latest Nancy Drew news.

Around the World with Nancy Drew
This site comprehensively covers all international editions of the Nancy Drew series.


James Keeline's Site
Visit James Keeline's site with links to his substantial research into children's series books.

This Isn't All!
This site has a price guide that lists selling prices for many series books with dust jackets.  It also features many illustrations for older series books.

The Three Investigators

The Three Investigators
This site provides information to identifying the different Three Investigators U.S. editions.

Trixie Belden

The Trixie Belden Homepage
Visit the message boards and learn more about our favorite Schoolgirl Shamus, Trixie Belden!

Trixie Belden Newsletters
This site features scans of the old Trixie Belden fanclub newsletters.
Jenni Johns has put together a great site about Trixie Belden.


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