Nancy Drew Library Editions
Green APC Editions

These library editions were bound by the American Publishers Corporation of Chicago, IL during the 1960s and early 1970s.  The green APC editions were bound at least as early as 1963 and as late as 1974.  A mixture of both the original and the revised texts were used in this format.  A number of copies contain either the blue multi or black and white multi endpapers.

These editions come in three different shades of green:  dark olive green, a lighter olive green, and forest green.  Some scattered copies of the forest green books have yellow and black line drawings rather than the usual white and black line drawings.  The covers of the lighter olive green books have a smoother texture than the other books, and in my opinion, are more aesthetically pleasing.  #44 through #48 and #50 use the artwork from an interior illustration rather than the original cover art.

While all of the green APC books are uncommon, it is significantly more difficult to acquire the final volumes in the set since they were bound for a significantly shorter period of time.  To date, #50 is the highest one that I have seen.

Volumes 1 through 21 Volumes 22 through 50

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