Nancy Drew Library Editions
Cameo Bindings

These library editions were bound from the 1950s to the early 1970s.  Based on purchase dates noted by some libraries inside the books, these editions were bound as early as 1956 and as late as 1973.  1956 was the year of publication for volume 34, and it appears that volumes 1 through 34 were the only volumes bound in this style.

The binding of most examples features either a black line drawing with a white background or a black line drawing with the color of the cover as the background.  Some scattered copies have a brown line drawing with either a white background or the color of the cover as the background.  The back cover of most copies have a magnifying glass which contains a collage of three Nancy Drew images while the remaining copies have a plain back cover.

Both original and revised text books were rebound in the cameo binding.  Some scattered copies still contain the original digger, blue multi, or black and white multi endpapers. 

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