The Outdoor Girls #9-16

#9 The Outdoor Girls at the Hostess House
       Or, Doing Their Best for the Soldiers
As the Outdoor Girls enjoy an afternoon ride, a motorcycle hits an old woman, leaving her lying injured in the road.  The girls take Mrs. Sanderson to the Hostess House.  After Mrs. Sanderson regains consciousness, she tells the girls how she has searched for her son for years and fears that he is dead.  He ran away after being unjustly accused of a crime.

The girls dread the boys' departure to fight in the war.  What if they should be killed?  The boys worry that the girls will find somebody else and are especially jealous of handsome Sergeant Mullins who has become friends with the girls.

The Outdoor Girls at the Hostess House
Finally, the boys leave to fight in the war, and the girls continue to work in the Hostess House.  In an unexpected turn of events, Mrs. Sanderson is reunited with her long lost son.
#10 The Outdoor Girls at Bluff Point
          Or, A Wreck and a Rescue
The Outdoor Girls take a much-needed vacation from their duties at the Hostess House, but feel restless and plan to return.  However, a fire destroys the Hostess House, so the girls must extend their vacation.  The news that the boys are being sent to the front line in the war adds to the girls' feelings of despair.

The girls welcome a trip to Bluff Point to stay in Grace's aunt's cottage.  The girls are at first ecstatic in their new surroundings, but troublesome news arrives from home and abroad.

The Outdoor Girls at Bluff Point
Will Ford is seriously injured; Allen Washburn is missing in action; and the Billette twins have been kidnapped.  Many of the girls' worst fears are coming true, and the weeks drag on mercilessly.  Finally, almost all at once good news arrives, and the girls are free to enjoy the rest of their vacation.
#11 The Outdoor Girls at Wild Rose Lodge
          Or, The Hermit of Moonlight Falls
The Outdoor Girls are nearly killed by a falling tree, but are saved at the last moment by the quick action of Professor Dempsey.  The girls instantly like Professor Dempsey and enjoy talking to him.  Later, the girls learn of the death of Professor Dempsey's sons in one of the war's last skirmishes.

The girls go to visit Professor Dempsey but are told by a neighbor that the shock made him insane.  The professor disappeared after wrecking his cabin.  The girls are deeply concerned for Professor Dempsey but have no choice except to depart on their trip to Wild Rose Lodge.

The Outdoor Girls at Wild Rose Lodge
Upon their arrival at Wild Rose Lodge, the girls are frightened by a gruesome creature lurking in the shadows.  The girls are much relieved when the boys return from the war and help them search for the creature.  In time, the young people learn that it is Professor Dempsey and are able to bring him the good news that his sons did not die after all.
#12 The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle
          Or, The Girl Miner of Gold Run
Mrs. Nelson inherits a ranch out west, and all four Outdoor Girls travel to Gold Run Ranch with the Nelson family.  Before the Nelsons even arrive at the ranch, several people make unsolicited cash offers to buy the ranch.  Why is the ranch so desirable?

The girls become friends with young Meggy Higgins and her father, who is a prospector.  Old Mr. Higgins has spent his entire life fruitlessly searching for gold.  The Higgins live in dire poverty, and the Outdoor Girls yearn to help them.  There is also a mysterious hermit who plays the violin, and the girls feel that he must be in some type of trouble.

The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle
In time, the Nelsons learn why the ranch is so desirable, and the Nelsons in turn are able to give Mr. Higgins information that enables him to finally strike it rich.  Betty's faith in the violin-playing hermit enables her to help him with his troubles so that he can return to his home.
#13 The Outdoor Girls Around the Campfire
          Or, The Old Maid of the Mountains
Betty is annoyed that Allen isn't spending time with her.  Allen is worried about a client who is about to die and keeps changing his will.  Betty has no choice but to be content with seeing Allen only occasionally.

The Outdoor Girls decide to camp out at a shack that Amy's brother now owns along the shores of Rainbow Lake.  When the girls arrive, the shack has vanished!  All that is left are ashes.  The girls must make the best of the situation and set up an improvised tent.  The outing proves to be great fun, except that somebody—or something—prowls in their camp after dark.

The Outdoor Girls Around the Campfire
While on a hike, the girls meet Miss Weeks, known as the Old Maid of the Mountains.  The sweet old lady is very frail and lives in poverty.  She speaks of a great injustice from her past, and through a lucky turn of events, the girls are able to bring Miss Weeks great happiness.
#14 The Outdoor Girls on Cape Cod
          Or, Sally Ann of Lighthouse Rock
The Outdoor Girls' latest adventure takes them to Cape Cod, where they chance to meet two girls, Irene Moore and Stella Sibley, who later move to Deepdale.  The girls also make the acquaintance of Sally Ann Bevins, the ward of the lighthouse keeper, Mr. Flood.

Sally Ann is practically a prisoner and has been forced to work like a slave for no pay her entire life.  The Outdoor Girls want desperately to help her—but how can they help someone too proud to accept help?  The girls soon overhear partial details of a plot involving Sally Ann, and Betty writes for Allen's help.

The Outdoor Girls on Cape Cod
Allen investigates and discovers that Sally Ann is a rich young lady, and that Mr. Flood and his cohorts were planning to keep her inheritance.  After the Outdoor Girls settle Sally Ann in her new home, Betty and Allen are wed, and Irene Moore and Stella Sibley join the Outdoor Girls.
#15 The Outdoor Girls at Foaming Falls
          Or, Robina of Red Kennels
Mollie Billette is appointed as the new leader of the Outdoor Girls, replacing Betty Nelson, who has now married Allen Washburn.  The girls purchase a dog for Betty's upcoming birthday and throw her a surprise party.  The party is a great success, and Betty adores her new dog, Wags.

The very next day disaster strikes as both Wags and Irene's dog, Hesper, are stolen!  Other residents of Deepdale soon report that they, too, are missing their pets, and no clues to the whereabouts of the missing dogs can be found.

The Outdoor Girls at Foaming Falls
The Outdoor Girls travel to Foaming Falls and learn that they will be staying in a haunted house!  Upon their arrival, the girls hear strange scratching sounds.  It takes all of the girls' courage for them to stay at Foaming Falls.  Ultimately, the girls discover the cause of the strange noises and later find the missing dogs which just happen to be in the area.  Shortly after the girls return to Deepdale, Amy Blackford marries Will Ford.
#16 The Outdoor Girls Along the Coast
          Or, The Cruise of the Motor Boat Liberty
The Outdoor Girls and their boyfriends take a cruise with Clem Field and Stella's Aunt Jane on Clem's motor boat, the Liberty.  During their cruise, the girls stop to visit Sally Ann Bevins, a girl who they helped in a previous adventure.  Sadly, Sally Ann's happiness has been ruined by relatives who claim to have the right to stay in her house.

Later, the girls chance to meet Carolyn Cooper while dining at a restaurant.  Carolyn begs to be taken on board so that she can escape from her companions.  After the girls hear Carolyn's story, they help her to return to Deepdale to live with her uncle.

The Outdoor Girls Along the Coast
Near the end of the cruise, the girls chance to meet the very two people who can help Sally Ann prove her right to the property.  Soon after the girls return to Deepdale, Grace and Will marry.
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