The Rick Brant Series

The Rick Brant Science-Adventure Series
Cover Art Gallery

The Rocket's Shadow
1. The Rocket's Shadow

The Lost City
2. The Lost City

Sea Gold
3. Sea Gold

100 Fathoms Under
4. 100 Fathoms Under

The Whispering Box Mystery
5. The Whispering Box Mystery

The Phantom Shark
6. The Phantom Shark

Smugglers' Reef
7. Smugglers' Reef

The Caves of Fear
8. The Caves of Fear

Stairway to Danger
9. Stairway to Danger

The Golden Skull
10. The Golden Skull

The Wailing Octopus
11. The Wailing Octopus

The Electronic Mind Reader
12. The Electronic Mind Reader

The Scarlet Lake Mystery
13. The Scarlet Lake Mystery

The Pirates of Shan
14. The Pirates of Shan

The Blue Ghost Mystery
15. The Blue Ghost Mystery

The Egyptian Cat Mystery
16. The Egyptian Cat Mystery

The Flaming Mountain
17. The Flaming Mountain

The Flying Stingaree
18. The Flying Stingaree

The Ruby Ray Mystery
19. The Ruby Ray Mystery

The Veiled Raiders
20. The Veiled Raiders

Rocket Jumper
21. Rocket Jumper

The Deadly Dutchman
22. The Deadly Dutchman*

Danger Below!
23. Danger Below!

The Magic Talisman
24. The Magic Talisman*

The Deadly Dutchman
22. The Deadly Dutchman
The Magic Talisman
24. The Magic Talisman
*Images taken from electronic book files.
**Images courtesy of the Daniel Summers collection.
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