The Ruth Fielding Series #21-30

#21 Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass
           Or, The Perils of an Artificial Avalanche
Ruth Fielding's newest picture, Snowblind, opens to rave reviews in the theaters.  Flushed with her most recent success, Ruth moves on to her next project, a western picture which is to be filmed in Montana.  Ruth hires Layton Boardman, a charismatic star who recently quarreled with the head of his old company, Sol Bloomberg.  Bloomberg has prevented Boardman from getting any kind of acting work, and Ruth hopes that Bloomberg will not cause trouble for her.

Ruth also hires Viola Callahan, who recently jumped contract with another company.  After hiring Viola, Ruth has some regrets, for she finds Viola to be untrustworthy.  In Montana, everything goes smoothly until Layton Boardman is injured and Helen Cameron is accidentally shot.  Ruth feels as though there is a curse on her production.

Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass
"My fingers—I'm afraid I'm losing my grip."
Suddenly, Viola Callahan jumps contract and joins Sol Bloomberg's company.  Ruth's film company is left in the lurch and faces certain ruin.  Ruth's old friend, Mr. Hammond, pays an unexpected visit and suggests that Ruth's modesty prevents her from seeing the obvious solution.  To Ruth's amazement, Mr. Hammond suggests that she take over Viola's role.
#22 Ruth Fielding in Alaska
           Or, The Girl Miners of Snow Mountain
When Mr. Hammond finds himself without an available director, he calls on Ruth Fielding to direct his current project.  Ruth willingly agrees, although she feels guilty about forcing Tom Cameron to wait even longer before their marriage.  After Ruth begins to direct Mr. Hammond's film, she discovers that some of the people she is to work with resent having a female director—especially the dwarf, Joe Rumph.

Rumph refuses to follow Ruth's directions, so she is forced to discharge him.  To make matters worse, Ruth discovers that her old enemy, Sol Bloomberg, is in Alaska, and Joe Rumph joins forces with him in a campaign to ruin Ruth's picture.  At first, the men's inference is limited to causing annoying delays, but soon the men resort to real vandalism.
Ruth Fielding in Alaska
"Ready?  Go!" and the cameras clicked.
In the meantime, Ruth befriends two girls, Mary and Ellen Chase, who are attempting to reopen a gold mine that was left to them by their father.  Ruth divides her energy between making her picture and helping the Chase girls.  Soon, Ruth learns that Joe Rumph and Sol Bloomberg are working with the man who is attempting to steal the Chase mine away from the girls.  Can Ruth find a way to thwart the attempts of the villains, finish her film, and bring happiness to the Chase girls?
#23 Ruth Fielding and Her Great Scenario
           Or, Striving for the Motion Picture Prize
Ruth's friends admonish her to enjoy her vacation, but Ruth continues to work on a new scenario.  Ruth has decided to enter a contest that is sponsored by a film magazine, and the prize is $50,000.  More importantly, Ruth feels that by entering the contest, she can see whether she can live up to her reputation.  Should Ruth win the prize, she would be established as a truly great scenario writer.

One day, Ruth and her friends become acquainted with Fred Orman, who is an out of work actor.  Orman lost his job because of Dean Hollister, and Hollister continues to make trouble for him.  Ruth promises to write Orman a letter of recommendation and hopes that Hollister will leave Orman alone.  To Ruth's dismay, Hollister continues to bother Orman and begins to harass Ruth as well.

Ruth Fielding and Her Great Scenario
In alarm she ran to the desk—the scenario was gone!
Dean Hollister follows Ruth around and is unusually interested in Ruth's new scenario.  After several important scenes from her scenario disappear, Ruth realizes that Hollister is stealing ideas from her and may try to steal the rest of her scenario.  With Fred Orman's help, Ruth and her friends try to find a way to outsmart Dean Hollister and bring him to justice.
#24 Ruth Fielding at Cameron Hall
           Or, A Mysterious Disappearance
Tom and Helen Cameron are suddenly called home to be at their father's bedside.  Mr. Cameron is deathly ill and may not survive.  As Ruth says goodbye to Tom at the train station, he seems to want to tell her something but holds back.  After Tom's train has departed, Ruth wonders whether Tom could be worried about money.

Ruth soon wraps up filming of her scenario and heads home to Cheslow.  Shortly after Ruth's arrival at the Red Mill, Jabez Potter enters the kitchen with the news that the bank has been robbed.  The thieves got away with all of the bank's money, and the bank must close.  Both Uncle Jabez and Ruth have lost everything!  Ruth's loss totals $40,000, and she needs the money in order to keep her studio running.  Ruth vows to find a way to recover the stolen money.

Ruth Fielding at Cameron Hall
The driver's seat was empty.
Ruth visits Cameron Hall and discovers that Tom and his roadster have disappeared!  Even worse, the description of one of the bank robbers seems to match Tom, and he is under suspicion.  Ruth knows that Tom is innocent, but she worries about what has happened to him.  All clues indicate that Tom's path crossed with the thieves, and Tom must be in danger.  Ruth and her friends, Helen and Chess, frantically search for Tom.
#25 Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name
           Or, The Rivals of Hollywood
After a four month vacation, Ruth and Tom establish their home in Hollywood, and Ruth begins work on her next project with Mr. Hammond.  A woman who is obsessed with the moving pictures, Mrs. Craven-Spitz, demands that Ruth give her the starring role in the film.  When Ruth refuses, the spiteful woman vows revenge.  Ruth gives the matter little thought until rumors fly that she plagiarized her prize-winning scenario.

To Ruth's dismay, many people believe the rumors, and a good many of the actors refuse to cooperate with Ruth.  Everywhere she goes, people point at Ruth and whisper.  Even worse, the rumors are leaked to the newspapers, making it appear that they are true.  Ruth struggles to continue directing her current project while sick with worry about the ruination of her reputation and good name.

Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name
"She pushed me over the cliff," Mrs. Spitz told the two men.
Ruth's troubles worsen, as even Mr. Hammond seems to lose faith in her.  Ruth underestimates the vindictiveness of her enemy, and the conflict comes to a dangerous climax as Mrs. Craven-Spitz accuses Ruth of attempted murder!  With the help of Chess Copely, Ruth finally drives Mrs. Craven-Spitz into a corner, thus clearing her name.
#26 Ruth Fielding in Talking Pictures
           Or, The Prisoners of the Tower
Ruth faces a new challenge when her latest film fails to attract the usual crowds at the movie houses.  The new talking movies are the rage, and Ruth's silent movie is of little interest to moviegoers.  Ruth is intimidated by the idea of making a talking movie and fears that she will be a failure.  Mr. Hammond insists that Ruth make a talking movie—and that Ruth play the starring role!  Though worried, Ruth attacks the project with her usual fervor.

Ruth is forced to dismiss a number of actors who do not have good screen voices.  Unknown to Ruth, some of them, including Viola Casselle, vow revenge.  Meanwhile, a playwright, Franklin Foote, helps Ruth work out the dialogue in her scenario, and his girlfriend, Maizie Duckworth, becomes insanely jealous.   Viola and Maizie unite with other disgruntled actors to launch a lawsuit against Ruth.

Ruth Fielding in Talking Pictures
"How did you get in here?" Ruth demanded.
Ruth is troubled but knows that the lawsuit has no basis.  She continues with her work, unaware that the disgruntled actors have even more sinister plans afoot.  Ruth is abducted—and carried across the border into Mexico!  Ruth faces the worst predicament of her life and finds herself helpless in the hands of her enemies.
#27 Ruth Fielding and Baby June*
Ruth and Tom take a summer cottage at Lake Osago, near Cheslow, and plan to spend the summer relaxing with their new baby, June.  Both Ruth and Tom feel jittery and overprotective of their baby and worry over every odd noise.  Ruth's worries deepen when Ortiz Coronda arrives at the Cameron cottage, asking to see Ruth.  Coronda was one of the Mexicans who recently kidnapped Ruth, and Ruth fears that he is up to his old tricks.

Ruth reluctantly meets with Coronda, who informs her that he has reformed and has recently inherited a large sum of money.  Coronda asks Ruth to work for him in his new moving picture company.  Ruth declines, hoping that Coronda will disappear.  Ruth notices Coronda hanging around her baby's nurse, Anita, and worries about his motives.  One night, Anita disappears—along with Ruth's baby!

Ruth Fielding and Baby June
"Oh, isn't she just perfect!" exclaimed Helen.
Ruth is certain that Coronda is responsible and that he and Anita planned all along to abduct the baby.  After Ruth and her friends can find no trace of Coronda, Anita, or the baby, they wonder whether they are on the wrong trail.  Ruth fears that she will never see her baby again.
#28 Ruth Fielding and Her Double*
Ruth Fielding reads an advertisement for a new film—to her shock the star is Ruth F. Cameron!  Ruth views the film and finds that it is based on one of her own scenarios and is cheaply made.  Ruth fears that the average viewer will think that the real Ruth Fielding is in the film.  Ruth's reputation could be destroyed.

Ruth hastily returns home to Hollywood, where she learns that her home has been burglarized!  Ruth's most recent scenario was stolen—possibly by the same people who are responsible for the rogue film.

Ruth, Tom, and Chess launch an investigation into the affair but turn up little information.  They suspect that a certain company is responsible for the film, but they are unable to speak to anybody in charge.

Ruth Fielding and Her Double
"Who are you?" she demanded.
Ruth's only clue is that there is reason to believe that a small film company on location in the desert is somehow connected with Ruth's double.  Ruth devises a clever but daring plan, hoping to expose her double and gain evidence against the rival film company.
#29 Ruth Fielding and Her Greatest Triumph
           Or, Saving Her Company from Disaster
Ruth's film company leases Legend Island from Lorna Scotty, but Ruth soon wonders whether it was a wise decision to deal with Miss Scotty.  Lorna is accused of stealing a necklace and swears that she is innocent.  Ruth feels that Lorna is a good person and has done nothing wrong, but she worries that she may have misjudged Lorna.

At Legend Island, the film company faces endless problems as the superstitious island natives resent their presence.  Led by the insane Yami, the natives believe that Ruth is evil and has brought evil to their island.  The natives interfere in the filming and cause endless delays.  Ruth's troubles worsen as a disgruntled former employee arrives on the island, causing more trouble.  Lorna's former fiancé also arrives and tries to kidnap her!  Soon, Yami attempts to lead an uprising against the film company.

Ruth Fielding and Her Greatest Triumph
The natives prostrated themselves upon the sands in worshipful attitude.
Ruth and Helen have a strong foreboding that something terrible will happen—and it does!  Ruth and her friends face almost certain death, trapped on the island, unless Ruth can somehow summon help.
#30 Ruth Fielding and Her Crowning Victory
           Or, Winning Honors Abroad
Ruth and Helen Cameron depart on an ocean voyage which is to take them abroad.  Shortly after the ship departs, Ruth discovers that her black suitcase is missing.  The stewardess searches for Ruth's suitcase and locates it.  When Ruth opens it, she discovers that it belongs to someone else—and contains a disguise!  Ruth presently learns that the suitcase belongs to Prince Pomarr of Estralia.

Prince Pomarr becomes obsessed with spending time with her, but Ruth instictively distrusts him.  Quite by accident, Ruth discovers a stowaway in the hold—Prince Robin Courterie of Bellogia.  Prince Robin's uncle is Prince Pomarr, who is an enemy!  Prince Robin is attempting to return home so that he can regain the throne.  Ruth decides to help Prince Robin, even though she knows that she is risking her own life.

Ruth Fielding and Her Crowning Victory
"The messenger is an agent of the enemy," Ruth said.
Ruth helps Prince Robin escape to Bellogia, and she and Helen impulsively travel to Estralia.  Once there, the girls find themselves under suspicion and forced to hide from the authorities.  Ruth learns that Bellogia and Estralia are on the verge of war, and she decides to do what she can to help Prince Robin.  Ruth takes the greatest risk of her life and is rewarded with the greatest honor of her life.
*Volumes 27 and 28 do not have subtitles.

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