The Sara Gay Model Girl Series
by Janey Scott

The Sara Gay Model Girl series was published by World Distributors in the United Kingdom in 1961.  It is not known how long the series was in print.  The books were published in dust jacket and are a textured, light gray color with a cameo of Sara on the front cover in blue.

Sara wins a beauty contest and decides that modeling is her dream but first must overcome several obstacles which stand in her way.  She successfully graduates from modeling school and begins her career.  Sara's acquaintances include several prominent women, a jealous rival who causes trouble for Sara on several occasions, and several ardent young male admirers.  Sara is often affectionately described as a "baby" because she is so young-at-heart and in awe of every new experience.

The below summaries were taken from the dust jackets.

  #1 Sara Gay, Model Girl
Sara, working in a solicitor's office, wins a local beauty contest and uses the prize money to enroll at the Lena Lane Model School where she is given a scholarship.  She qualifies with flying colors and wins the Lena Lane Gold Medal, despite the opposition and intrigue of Mrs. Lane's assistant, Lydia Durack, who had wanted her niece, Nina, to win it instead.

Even winning the medal, Sara finds it difficult to get a job until one day she bumps - literally - into Peter Redgrave, who takes a set of pictures of her which bring out not only her beauty but her vital personality.

Marc Donnell, brilliant designer and owner of Donnell, a top Mayfair salon, holds an audition for a new model.  Nina Durack is determined to get the job and tries to sabotage Sara's appearance on the great day.  Does she succeed, or does Sara get the prize job after all?

Sara Gay, Model Girl
Anyone who feels that modeling is only concerned with clothes should follow the exciting adventures of Sara Gay in the intriguing world of fashion.
  #2 Sara Gay, Model Girl in Monte Carlo
Sara Gay learns that life in a Mayfair fashion salon is not all glamour, for Marc Donnell, the brilliant young designer for whom she works, can be a hard taskmaker.  There is also the question of finances, for it needs money to keep a dress salon going.  That is where James Beresford comes in.  He is a textile magnate, anxious to have his fabrics used by one of the top ten.  However, Mrs. Beresford has her own pet couturier in Paris, and doesn't stop trying to have her husband place his fabrics with the French designer.  Luckily a gala ball is being held in Monte Carlo at which many couturiers will show their clothes, and Mr. Beresford decides that the designer who achieves the most success is the one he will back.

Sara is confident Marc will win, but her pleasure at sight of the glittering millionaire's playground is tinged by fear when she learns that Nina Durack, who is her rival in the model world, is now working for Marc Donnell's greatest competitor.

Sara Gay, Model Girl in Monte Carlo
When the loveliest dresses in Marc's Collection are slashed by a razor the night before the show, Sara is convinced it is Nina's doing, but how can she prove it?  And what clothes can Marc show before the Royal audience?  How Sara solves both questions leads to one more fascinating adventure in the life of a top flight fashion model.
  #3 Sara Gay, Model Girl in New York
Sara is still working for the successful young designer, Marc Donnell, when Tina Marriott, owner of the smartest shop on Fifth Avenue, offers to buy Marc's new teenage collection on condition that Sara returns to New York with her to model the dresses.  She agrees and goes to New York where Marc's clothes are an instantaneous success.  Mrs. Marriott treats her as a daughter and Sara realizes there is a tragic secret in the woman's past.

How she discovers what it is, and how she traces and finds the girl who holds the key to the mystery herself, forms the basis of a story that leads Sara on an exciting adventure that takes her from a Fifth Avenue penthouse to the poverty of an artist's flat in Greenwich Village.

Sara Gay, Model Girl in New York
  #4 Sara Gay, Model Girl in Mayfair
Marc Donnell, the Mayfair designer for whom Sara works is taking his Collection to Australia, but Sara cannot go with him because her mother is rushed to the hospital for an emergency operation.  So for three months Sara decides to turn to freelance photographic modeling and once more is working with her photographer friend, Peter Redgrave.

Together they go out on a variety of assignments and Sara finds herself shivering in a bikini while lying on a cardboard sand, or modeling a heavy winter suit and coat underneath powerful arc lamps which blaze down on her with the intensity of a tropical sun!

But it is not until she is asked to model chinchillas and minks that she finds herself a pawn between two unscrupulous groups of men.  Fortunes are at stake in an intriguing mystery that whisks Sara to Paris and the Ritz Hotel and then back again to London.

Sara Gay, Model Girl in Mayfair
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