The Secret Circle Mysteries

The Secret Circle Mysteries

Each Secret Circle story is set in a different part of Canada and is packed with enough thrills, action and enjoyment to keep even the most reluctant reader turning its pages.

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The Secret Circle Mysteries is a set of books published by Little, Brown and Company in Canada.  This is a publisher set rather than a series.  Each story is complete in itself, and each book features different characters.  The books are written by various authors.  Even though each book has different characters, the books comprise a cohesive set due to the similarity and spirit of the stories.

The first ten books were published in hardcover with dust jacket by Little, Brown.  Rory's Wildcat was published in hardcover in 1965 by a different publisher and so is not part of the original set.  Later, Rory's Wildcat was included with some other Secret Circle titles in a softcover set.  In softcover, Rory's Wildcat was published as The Mystery at the Wildcat Well.

Titles in the Secret Circle Mysteries:

  1. The Mystery of Monster Lake
      by David Gammon, 1962
  2. The Riddle of the Haunted River
      by Lawrence Earl, 1962
  3. The Legend of the Devil's Lode
      by Robert Collins, 1962
  4. The Secret Tunnel Treasure
      by Arthur Hammond, 1962
  5. The Mystery of the Muffled Man
      by Max Braithwaite, 1962
  6. The Clue of the Dead Duck
      by Scott Young, 1962
  7. The Mystery of the Missing Emerald
      by Robert Thomas Allen, 1963
  8. The Valley of the Vanishing Birds
      by Max Braithwaite, 1963
  9. The Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs
      by Arthur Hammond, 1963
10. The Secret of Spaniard's Rock, 1963
      by David Gammon, 1963
      Rory's Wildcat (The Mystery at the Wildcat Well)
      By Robert Collins, 1965

Each book is set in Canada, usually in the wilderness but sometimes in a city.  The plots often involve old maps that lead to hidden treasure.  The location of the treasure is often said to be cursed, and the children are in a race to find the treasure before the villains do.  Most of the books have one or more detailed maps included in the body of the text, which helps the reader picture the setting of the book.

The books that are set in the wilderness are similar to the Troy Nesbit books that were published by Whitman and should appeal to readers who enjoy those types of stories.

Since the books were published in Canada, they are usually found in Canada and in the northern United States.  The books are not in great demand, so they can be found inexpensively.

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