The Three Investigators Mystery Series

The Three Investigators Mystery Series
Summaries of #1-11

The summaries for #2, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 10 were taken from the back cover of the Random House softcover edition.  The summaries for #1, 3, 5, 9, and 11 were adapted from the back cover summary.
  #1 The Secret of Terror Castle
A deserted old building by day—by night a castle of terror!  For more than twenty years no one has slept the night through within the walls of Terror Castle.  Ghostly moans and groans, fearful screams and screeches, frighten off the bravest soul.  Those who have tried have disappeared, never to be seen again! 

What—or who—haunts the castle?  Could it be the ghost of the previous owner?  The Three Investigators are determined to find out—by visiting it in the dead of night!

  #2 The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot
Find the talking birds!

That's the latest mission of the Three Investigators—to find seven talking parrots that have vanished into thin air.

The birds can quote a code message from a mysterious dead man, and the boys are eager to hear it.  But so are some other people—scary types who don't like meddling kid detectives!

Danger lurks everywhere as the Three Investigators race to find the talking birds—and decode the message that will reveal the dead man's secret!

  #3 The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy
Ra-Orken has been dead for three thousand years.  Dead—and silent.

But now the mummy of Ra-Orken has started whispering strange words in an ancient Egyptian tongue.  Why is he speaking?  And how is this possible?  Is the horrible curse of Ra-Orken about to be fulfilled?  The Three Investigators are about to find out—if they dare!

  #4 The Mystery of the Green Ghost
The crumbling mansion of a dead man is being torn down.  Suddenly mysteries come alive within the old house!  A green ghost oozes through the walls.  A secret room reveals an open coffin.  In it lies a grinning skeleton—wearing a string of priceless Chinese Ghost Pearls.

Then the ghost disappears, and the pearls do, too.  And The Three Investigators start sleuthing—on one of their weirdest cases ever!

  #5 The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure
"Chasing thieves is work for men—not boys!"  growls the official, and he throws The Three Investigators' business card to the floor.  Someone will be searching for the fabulous, jewel-encrusted Golden Belt, but it won't be Jupe and his friends.

Then a strange twist of fate brings the boys back on the case.  They are asked to investigate a strange case of gnomes at a spooky old mansion.  Soon they are surrounded by master criminals who will stop at nothing to keep their stolen fortune!

  #6 The Secret of Skeleton Island
Skeleton eerie place, deserted except for pirates' bones and the ghost of a young girl!  Scarcely anyone dares set foot on the haunted isle.

That's why a movie company decides Skeleton Island is the perfect site to make a scary film.  But mysterious events disrupt the filming and unnerve the crew.

The company calls in the Three Investigators, who quickly discover that they're on no ordinary case.  For no sooner do they arrive at Skeleton Island than the ghost itself appears!

  #7 The The Mystery of the Fiery Eye
Gus needs help!

Great-uncle Horatio has died and left him a fortune.  At least, Gus thinks there's a fortune—in something called the Fiery Eye.  But all he has to start with is a mysterious message from Horatio—a message full of riddles.

It's a perfect case for The Three Investigators, who are very good at solving riddles.  But so, unfortunately, are some other people.  The young detectives find themselves in a desperate race—with a sinister bunch of fortune hunters hot on their heels!

  #8 The Mystery of the Silver Spider
Cancel the coronation!

That's what the prince of Varania will have to do if he can't find the royal badge of office—a jeweled silver spider.  No prince can be crowned without it.  But the silver spider has been stolen!

Luckily for the prince, his friends, The Three Investigators, are on hand.  They've had a lot of experience in finding lost and stolen items.  But never before have they tried to outwit dangerous political enemies—enemies who want to do away with the prince!

  #9 The Mystery of the Screaming Clock
The clock's alarm produces the bloodcurdling scream of a woman in mortal terror!

Who could have made such a horrid clock—and why?

That's what The Three Investigators set out to discover.  Their search leads them to an old, rundown house in Hollywood.  There they find a whole room full of the dreadful clocks—and there, mystery turns into danger!

  #10 The Mystery of the Moaning Cave
El Diablo—The Devil!  The very name of the legendary outlaw strikes fear in the hearts of California ranch owners.

Many years ago the young El Diablo disappeared into a mountain cave, never to be seen again.  But the ranchers think he may still be alive—especially now that an eerie moaning sound is coming from his old hideout.

The Three Investigators set out in the dark of night to explore the moaning cave—and soon wish that they were armed with more than a flashlight!

 #11 The Mystery of the Talking Skull
"Sold for one dollar!"

The Three Investigators have just bought an old trunk at an auction of unclaimed luggage.  But before they can even collect the trunk, a white-haired lady in gold-rimmed spectacles offers them thirty dollars for it—and that's only the beginning!

Why are so many people after the trunk?  Does the trunk contain a hidden treasure?

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