The Three Investigators Mystery Series

The Three Investigators Mystery Series
Summaries of #34-43

The summaries were taken from the back cover of the Random House softcover edition.
 #34 The Mystery of the Wandering Cave Man
Who stole the cave man's bones from Newt McAfee's museum?

There are plenty of suspects—an angry scientist, a relative with a grudge, a cocky handyman, and more.

But the suspects all have an alibi, and the Three Investigators have to face another possibility.  Maybe the museum's night watchman didn't have a nightmare.  Maybe he really saw the cave man just walk away!

 #35 The Mystery of the Kidnapped Whale
The stranded whale has disappeared—and not back into the ocean!

Someone has sneakily taken the little whale away.  And now a mysterious client is asking The Three Investigators to find it.  The client refuses to give his name—but he will pay cash!

Why do so many people want the baby whale?  It makes no sense to the young detectives...until they learn that the whale can lead them to sunken treasure!

 #36 The Mystery of the Missing Mermaid
Something is fishy in Mermaid Court!

First a little boy mysteriously vanishes, then a treasured statue of a mermaid disappears.  An actor tells outrageous lies...a dog lover gets an unexplained bite...and lights flicker in the windows of the haunted Mermaid Inn!

The Three Investigators are eager to find the lost child, but the other mysteries keep getting in the way.  The super sleuths face one dangerous puzzle after another before discovering the amazing truth about the missing boy!

 #37 The Mystery of the Two-Toed Pigeon
Someone is killing Miss Melody's birds!  Her woods are littered with victims.  Among them is a pet magpie who's been bringing home pearls...and a pigeon with a missing toe who is carrying a secret message.

Where did those pearls come from?  What does the secret message say?  And who is the birds' assassin?  It's clearly a case for The Three Investigators—if they're willing to fly into danger!

 #38 The Mystery of the Smashing Glass
Car windows are mysteriously breaking all over town.  No one is ever around when it happens.  What unseen force is at work?  The cops are stumped.  And The Three Investigators are stuck with a real wit-twister.

The junior detectives dream up one daring scheme after another for trapping the invisible vandal.  But everything backfires.  It's almost as if someone—or something—can read the boys' minds!

 #39 The Mystery of the Trail of Terror
Grandpa Peck is in trouble!

The eccentric inventor is driving cross-country to sell his latest secret gizmo in New York.  The Three Investigators are keeping him company.  But they should have signed on as bodyguards, because danger follows Grandpa wherever he goes!  Bizarre accidents keep happening.  Menacing characters including a gang of out-for-blood motorcycle thugs—are always on their trail.

Is someone trying to steal Grandpa's secret invention?  Or could someone be out to get the Three Investigators?  Grandpa and the boys search desperately for the answer as they run for their lives!

  #40 The Mystery of the Rogues' Reunion
Detective Jupiter Jones was once a member of the Wee Rogues, a group of child movie stars.  Now the Rogues are facing each other one last time—in a TV quiz show.  And it really may be the last appearance for Jupiter—because someone is out to win at any price!

Who is the desperate competitor?  What's so important about the quiz show?  The answers are buried in Jupiter's amazing show-business past.  To find them, Jupe and his fellow investigators must risk their lives and dig deep...into a frightening case of theft, kidnapping, and more!

 #41 The Mystery of the Creep-Show Crooks
The Three Investigators are at their wits' end.  They've just located a teenager who's run off to Hollywood to become a star, and she refuses to go home.  Why should she?  She's just landed a part in a horror movie!

But then the girl disappears, and the boys suspect trouble.  Where are those producers who hired her?  What are they really up to?  The Investigators meet monsters of all sorts before they get to the end of this horror story!

 #42 The Mystery of Wreckers' Rock
The Three Investigators rock the boat!

When the Investigators go fishing, they pause to photograph a bizarre family reunion on the island of Wreckers' Rock.  Quick as a flash someone...or after the boys!

Accidentally, the young sleuths have opened a deadly can of worms.  Masked hoodlums, ancient ghosts, even a werewolf plague them night and day—and wreck the reunion too.

Who are these fiends?  Why are some of them so interested in the boys' photographs?  The bold young detectives find their wits and their nerves sorely tested as they reel in the whopping solution!

  #43 The Mystery of the Cranky Collector
Who wants to harm Jeremy Pilcher?  Who doesn't!  The ornery book collector has more enemies than the Three Investigators can shake a stick at.  So when the nasty old man is kidnapped, the detectives don't know whom to question first.

The solution to the kidnapping is buried Pilcher's vast collection of books, in his secret computer files, in his mysterious past.  The Investigators must search through each in turn to find the missing man.  But the more they learn about him, the surer they are of one thing—the cranky collector really asked for trouble!

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