The Wilderness Mystery Series

The Wilderness Mystery Series

The summaries for #2, 3, 4, and 6 were adapted from the books published by Taylor Trade Publishing.
  #1 Sand Dune Pony
Pete wants a horse to ride more than anything, but his uncle has no extra horses to spare.  When old Hatsy stops briefly at the ranch while passing through, Pete gets the opportunity of his life.  Hatsy invites Pete to spend the summer camping with him.  Hatsy promises that they will find a horse for Pete.

Pete gets his pony, and he and Hatsy also stumble upon a mystery.  Someone messes around their camp and appears to be poaching animals.  Hatsy and Pete vow to find the culprit.

Sand Dune Pony
  #2 The Jinx of Payrock Canyon
Jay has lived in a once well-populated mining town in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains for all of his fifteen years.  Orphaned when he was very young, he spends most of his time working at his grandmother’s store or as a cattlehand in Payrock Canyon with his friend, Doc.  Toward the end of the summer, all sorts of strange things start to happen in Payrock.  The town curmudgeon claims it has something to do with a wandering stranger who carries an odd box...but will the boys be able to stop whatever’s going on before all of the canyon’s wildlife disappears? The Jinx of Payrock Canyon
  #3 The Indian Mummy Mystery
Lyman Cutler tells his grandson Joe a story about his days as a young cowboy.  In those days, Lyman came across a cliff dwelling containing abandoned pottery and an Indian mummy, which later vanished.  When Joe and his friend Denny search for the pottery and mummy, they discover old relics including documents, photographs, and the skull of a man. 

This story of archaeology and preservation of natural places will thrill young explorers as they follow Joe and Denny’s adventure throughout southern Colorado.

The Indian Mummy Mystery
  #4 The Mystery at Rustlers' Fort
Phil and Buzz are teenaged cousins who join Buzz’s naturalist parents and little sister, Kitsy, on a summer-long research trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It is the height of the 1950s uranium boom in the Southwest, and the boys sneakily get hold of a Geiger counter to hunt for the element. 

The Geiger counter helps to solve a mystery that has plagued the campers all summer long:  the constant presence throughout their adventures of a strange character they call "The Dinosaur."  Along the way, the boys are introduced to the canyon’s natural history, from Kaibab squirrels to mountain lions, bats, and more.

The Mystery at Rustler's Fort
  #5 The Diamond Cave Mystery
Chuck and Hal find an old bible that contains a coin that has words engraved on it.  The engraving contains a series of clues that supposedly leads to a hidden stash of diamonds.  The boys make the mistake of showing their clues to their reporter friend, who promptly publishes all of the clues in the newspaper. 

Everyone in the surrounding area begins searching for the diamonds.  The boys must move fast before someone else finds the diamonds first.  Their search leads them into a series of different caves where they face danger while finding interesting relics.

The Diamond Cave Mystery
  #6 The Forest Fire Mystery
Art Mills and his family have recently moved to southwestern Colorado.  When Art isn’t working in the family’s Dew Drop Inn, he’s out exploring the national forest that surrounds them. A favorite spot is Eagle Mountain, where the abandoned Fittleson’s Folly mine—a good spot for snipe hunting!—is located. 

When the secretive logger, Mr. Maynard, threatens Art, his sister Liz, and their friends to stay away, the kids can’t help but wonder about the man's motive.  And then once the forest fires start, Art knows someone is up to no good.

The Forest Fire Mystery
  The Hidden Ruin
Al Buckles' father won't quit bossing him.  Al and his friend, Jerry, plan a camping trip, but Al's father orders him to stay home to practice football with the team.  Al hates football, so he defies his father by going on the trip.

The boys discover a hidden ruin from which an unscrupulous man is stealing artifacts.  The boys try to get proof so that the ruin can be protected.  During the trip, Al comes to terms with what he wants in life and finds a way to get along with his father.

The Hidden Ruin
  Search in the Desert
Joe and Perry were best friends in high school who went on camping trips in the southwest.  They drifted apart after Joe joined the military and Perry went off to college.  The two are reunited when Perry's father hires Joe to pilot the company's helicopter on a search for uranium inside the Navaho reservation.

Joe soon learns about a claim belonging to a Navaho that Perry plans to steal.  Joe must make a decision about helping the Indian, one which could end his friendship with Perry forever.

Search in the Desert
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