The Wallace Boys Series   

The Wallace Boys Series
Summaries of #11-20

All summaries have been adapted from the publisher's summaries.
  #11 Traitors in the Tyrol
After helping the royal family of Ruritania, the Wallace Boys and crown prince Karl-Franz head up into a remote area of the little Alpine kingdom on a hiking trip.  The trip is suddenly interrupted when a helicopter appears and makes an emergency landing.  The boys rush to help the occupants and are mystified to discover that they have vanished.  Upon searching the helicopter, the boys discover Rupert's ring.

Rupert was involved in the failed coup and is supposed to be in jail.  He has apparently escaped, so the boys begin tracking Rupert and his companions.  Unexpectedly, two men from America's Central Intelligence Agency begin chasing the boys.  No matter what evasive moves the boys use, the CIA men keep hot on their trail.  Later, the boys learn that the CIA funded the failed coup and wants its money back!
Traitors in the Tyrol
The boys must find a way to capture Rupert and his cronies while keeping away from the very angry CIA men.
  #12 Rebels Across the Red Sea
Bruce and Nigel vacation in Egypt after concluding their adventures in Europe.  They visit Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, where a horrifying terrorist massacre of tourists occurs.  Bruce is on the hillside behind the temple during the massacre, while Nigel is caught inside.

Bruce at first believes that Nigel has been killed, but his new acquaintance, a Saudi prince named Hanafi, who is also on the hillside behind the temple, informs him that the men were trying to abduct him.

The boys search the temple and find no trace of Nigel.  Bruce describes Nigel to Hanafi, who concludes that the terrorists mistakenly abducted Nigel instead of him.
Rebels Across the Red Sea
Bruce and Hanafi travel on camels across the desert of northern Saudi Arabia to save Nigel.
  #13 Rebels Across the Red Sea II:  Nemesis of the Nefud
After Nigel's rescue from the Saudi Arabian desert, Nigel, Bruce, and Hanafi decide that they must bring down the terrorist group that was responsible for Nigel's abduction.  First, they must figure out what the group is hiding.  It is soon decided that Nigel will return to the terrorists, begging for help.  Nigel will trick them into believing that he has become blind from the desert sun.

Once in the isolated canyon with the terrorists, Nigel tries to figure out the secret of the terrorists' camp.  Unfortunately, Nigel is watched constantly, so he has little opportunity for exploration.  Meanwhile, Bruce and Hanafi keep a watch on the canyon from above, while they wait for Nigel to make a move.

As usual, Bruce becomes impatient and launches a scheme of his own without waiting for Nigel to complete his role.  Bruce's impatience has disastrous consequences, and the boys may not get away from the terrorists' camp alive.
Nemesis of the Nefud
  #14 Rebels across the Red Sea III: The Terrorists of Tibesti
On returning to Egypt from northern Saudi Arabia, Nigel, Bruce, and Hanafi pay their respects at Queen Hatshepsut's Temple.  The boys are still shaken up by the terrorist massacre.  Later, the boys dine at a restaurant, where Nigel recognizes another diner.  Nigel swears that the man was one of the terrorists responsible for the massacre.

The boys, along with their dependable cab driver and his wife, begin following the man.  They learn where he lives and where he works and keep him under observation at all times.

The boys search the man's apartment, and Hanafi finds a shoebox under the bed.  Later, the boys check the shoebox and find a map of the Tibesti Mountains in Northern Chad.  The boys feel certain that the map has special significance, so they travel by ultralight aircraft to the Tibesti Mountains.
The Terrorists of Tibesti
Once there, the boys blunder into a terrorist camp, where they must find a way to escape.
  #15 The Monks of Montafon
Having concluded their business in Saudi Arabia, Nigel and Bruce sail towards the Indian Ocean.  The boys receive an unexpected message from Ruritania, informing them that Archduke Prince Karl-Franz is missing!  The king and queen want the boys to return to Ruritania and take charge of the search.

Nigel and Bruce learn that Karl-Franz is writing a biography of his grandfather.  The boys learn who Karl-Franz most recently contacted and begin following his trail.  The search leads Nigel and Bruce to the Montafon Monastery, where they learn that the monks are hiding a terrible secret that dates back to World War II.

The boys also discover that one of their enemies is hiding in the monastery, and they must outsmart him in order to escape alive.
The Monks of Montafon
  #16 South from the Seychelles
Nigel and Bruce are aboard their yacht, the Silver Spray, cruising the islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.  Out of the blue, they are invited by their old friend, Barry Jones, to help with an expedition to remote islands in the far south Indian Ocean, the world's most desolate and dangerous region.

Three German men have hired Barry to take them to a certain remote island, presumably because they simply want to go there.  The quest sounds a little strange, but Barry has no suspicions, at least not until his ship is hijacked by the men!

Barry and the boys soon learn that the men are seeking a valuable cache of Nazi gold, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.
South from the Seychelles
  #17 The Treasure of the Tiger
Nigel and Bruce arrive in Singapore in South East Asia, having sailed nearly halfway around the world in the Silver Spray.  They meet up with two Singaporeans, Kheng Peng, a Chinese boy, and Zainal, a Malay.  Kheng Peng owns a copy of a radio mayday message that came from a Japanese ship during the closing stages of World War II.  The message holds the clue to the location of a sunken ship that carries a fabulous treasure.

The boys decide to search for the location of the sunken ship.  First, they visit a former fighter of the Japanese who was on an island at the end of the war.  On that island is another clue to the treasure.

Their trail takes them to a small island, Pulau Tulai, near Malaysia’s Pulau Tioman where they find more clues to the location of the treasure.
The Treasure of the Tiger
As the boys continue to follow the clues, little do they realize that they will face almost certain death during their journey.
  #18 The Sultan of the Sulu Sea
Nigel, Bruce, Kheng Peng, and Zainal begin their return voyage to Singapore, after concluding their hunt for treasure.  Suddenly, a pirate boat begins trailing them.  The boys realize that the pirates' boat is more powerful, so they take precautions by hiding their most valuable items in the bilge of the boat.  Following a desperate attempt to elude the Moro pirates, the Silver Spray is captured, and the boys are taken as hostages.

The boys deliberately sink their boat in order to keep the pirates from having their boat as a prize.  The loss of the boat pales in comparison to what happens next, a tragedy beyond description.

The Wallaces are transported to a small island in the Sulu Sea, the pirates’ lair, from which rescue seems impossible.
The Sultan of the Sulu Sea
  #19 Missing in the Mekong
Nigel and Bruce, together with Singaporeans Kheng Peng and Zainal, begin their journey to Singapore from the Sulu Sea aboard the Silver Spray.  The boys encounter a small boat bobbing about on the wide expanse of the South China Sea, apparently abandoned.  The boys search the boat, discovering a young Vietnamese man.  The man is in very weak condition.

The boys learn that Mah Vinh is on a search for his father, an American who disappeared on the day that Saigon fell to North Vietnam.  Mah Vinh's father, Marvin, left their home for just a few minutes to arrange for the family to be evacuated to the United States, but he never returned.  What could have happened to Marvin in that short amount of time?
Missing in the Mekong
The four boys journey to the shores of Vietnam, where they help search for Mah Vinh's father, Marvin Wynne.
  #20 The Pagodas of Pahang
When the boys searched the sunken Hana-Maru for treasure, they found a magnificent kris, the wonderful wavy-bladed knife of the Malays that forms so much of their legends.  Zainal deciphers the Arabic inscriptions on the kris, which lead the boys in a search of the rain forests of Malaysia for a ruined temple lost deep in the jungles of Taman Negara.  Their search is complicated by a group of ex-Communists who have returned to the jungle to continue their banditry.

From their hideout, surrounded by lethal booby traps, the outlaws have ambushed the Eastern & Oriental Express Train that plies its luxurious way between Singapore and Bangkok.  One of the most elegant of all trains, the Eastern & Oriental is forced to make a detour, and when the raiders board it, they take a hostage in the form of the beautiful Flavia, a rockstar princess.
The Pagodas of Pahang
As the boys search for the Pagodas of Pahang, they discover the communists with their hostage.  The boys must devise a plan to rescue Flavia.
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