Whitman Authorized Editions

  2355 Deanna Durbin and the Adventure of Blue Valley       1941
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
Deanna Durbin treasures her yearly June vacation with her dear friends, the Kelseys, at the farm in Blue Valley.  This year, however, Mrs. Kelsey requests that Deanna not come.  Deanna makes the trip in spite of the request and enters a home filled with fear.

Strange, frightening sounds screech from the nearby ravine.  The mysterious horror has the Kelseys and their farm hand terror-stricken.  When Deanna learns that the Kelseys are considering selling their farm, she vows to discover the source of the sounds.  Mrs. Kelsey agrees to wait one week until making a decision about selling the property.

Deanna Durbin and the Adventure of Blue Valley
With the help of the farm hand Victor, neighbor Henry Meyers, and a reporter who just happens to be driving by the farm, Deanna shrewdly guesses the culprits' identities and thwarts their plan to buy the farm.
  2356 Deanna Durbin and the Feather of Flame                   1941
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
An impulsive decision to purchase a red hat with a scarlet feather pulls Deanna Durbin into a web of intrigue.  As soon as Deanna indicates her interest in the hat, it is assumed that Deanna is part of a predetermined plan, and Deanna is taken on a taxi ride to a warehouse.  Upon her arrival, Deanna realizes that she has landed in the midst of the Feather of Flame, a subversive group.

The group's members have never met each other, so Deanna's presence is not questioned until another young woman arrives for the same duty.  The two young women are asked to await further orders, and during their wait, Deanna meets an unexpected ally.  Ted Allen hopes to thwart the group's plans and shows Deanna a way to get help.

Deanna Durbin and the Feather of Flame
The very person chosen by Deanna as her savior reveals himself as the head of the subversive group.  Deanna has no way to escape and is forced to play along with her enemy.  In a thrilling climax, Deanna is rescued, and the subversive group is brought to justice.
  2371 Bonita Granville and the Mystery of Star Island         1942
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
You should have stepped out of this while you had the chance!  You know things aren't on the up and up around here!
But—it's too late now!

Bonita Granville's inner voice has warned her of danger ever since she agreed to take her friend Juanita's place on Star Island.  Bonita has assumed Juanita's identity and must watch over a girl named Betts until her father returns.  Bonita has to contend with Thelma, the highly superstitious cook, and with the unfriendly new housekeeper, Rena Frey.

Bonita Granville and the Mystery of Star Island
Bonita's fears worsen after a strange shriek fills the air.  A group of spies captures Bonita after she unwittingly disposes of something that they need.  With the help of her new friend, Tug, Bonita is freed and the spies are apprehended.
  2372 Ann Rutherford and the Key to Nightmare Hall          1942
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
Ann Rutherford and her friend, Robert Gilmore, known as Bop, accidentally call at Nath-Mar Hall believing it to be a house that is to be listed for sale.  In a case of mistaken identity, Ann and Bop are taken to be two of the prospective heirs to Nath-Mar Hall.  Mr. Nathan Emans has gathered his only living relatives at Nath-Mar Hall so that the rightful heir can be determined.  There is a catch—all six visitors are to be held as captives until one of them discovers the key to Nath-Mar Hall.

Ann and Bop try to tell Mr. Emans that they do not belong, but he refuses to listen.  Ann and Bop search for the key in hope of ending their enforced stay at Nath-Mar Hall.

Ann Rutherford and the Key to Nightmare Hall
Ann and Bop's ordeal quickly becomes a nightmare as Ann witnesses one of the heirs attempting to kill Mr. Emans.  In the end, the key is finally found, and Mr. Emans learns who will inherit his property.
  2373 Jane Withers and the Hidden Room                           1942
           by Eleanor Packer
Jane Withers returns to boarding school at Holly Hall to discover the entire school in an uproar over the theft of head mistress Miss Abigail's prized jewels.  A short time later, Jane enters her room and discovers one of the stolen jewels!  Jane and her roommate, Ellin Dwyer, wonder how the jewel came to be in their room.

Jane and Ellin's attention is temporarily distracted by their crushes on the handsome new professor, Mr. Berthon.  Jane and Ellin consider themselves lucky indeed when Ellin's parents invite Jane, Ellin, Mr. Berthon, and his sister, Lucienne, to spend the weekend at their home.

Jane Withers and the Hidden Room
Several days after the houseguests leave, Mrs. Dwyer's famous rubies are stolen!  Jane feels certain that Mr. Berthon and Lucienne are innocent until she discovers incriminating evidence to the contrary.  Jane faces a tough decision on how to proceed, and her hesitation has dire consequences.
  2378 Ginger Rogers and the Riddle of the Scarlet Cloak    1942
           by Lela E. Rogers
After the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, the hotel at which Ginger Rogers works as a switchboard operator is changed into a residence for the workers of the nearby aircraft factory.  Soon thereafter, Ginger receives a mysterious scarlet cloak from an unknown admirer and wears the cloak on a date with Miles Harrington.

The date ends in tragedy after Miles is brutally attacked and left for dead.  Ginger soon realizes that the scarlet cloak was a signal used by a subversive group and that Miles was somehow caught in the middle.

Ginger Rogers and the Riddle of the Scarlet Cloak
Ginger's adventure introduces her to the man she will someday marry and the father she has never met.  A time of great happiness for Ginger is mixed with fear and dread.  In the end, the enemies are captured, and Ginger faces a bright future.
  2385 John Payne and the Menace at Hawk's Nest                1943
           by Kathyrn Heisenfelt
The quaint, old country house, rising on its stone foundations, looks more like a fortress than the peaceful dwelling it should be.  To this lonely spot comes John Payne, thinking that he is going to attend a wedding.  Instead, John learns that his friends have already married and left town.

John realizes that something is wrong.  Strange suspicions cause John to be held captive, not allowed to leave.  At Hawk's Nest, strangers are not welcome!

John Payne and the Menace at Hawk's Nest
  2386 Betty Grable and the House with the Iron Shutters    1943
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
New Barker.  Yes, Betty had decided to go to New Barker, to visit Mrs. Cross.  It was because she wanted to bring a gift to her friend that they had become entangled in this bewildering snare.  It was, she told herself, bitterly, absolutely all her fault.

And yet, how could she know, or even guess, that Gert Engell would bring them to a mansion that was more like a mausoleum?  And then leave them to their fate?  How could she know that the "treasures" here were disappearing mysteriously, that, while they were in the house, the most priceless gem of all, the Amelung bowl, would vanish into thin air?

Betty Grable and the House with the Iron Shutters
Betty Grable and Loys Lester become prisoners in an old haunted house after one of their hosts accuses them of theft.  The girls are locked in their bedroom, trapped by the iron shutters on the windows, and must somehow find a way to escape from their irrational captor.

  2389 Jane Withers and the Phantom Violin                        1943
           by Roy J. Snell
Jane Withers and her friends, Jeanne and Greta, begin their vacation upon an old shipwreck that is partially submerged in Lake Superior.  A strange boat lurks in the waters near the ship soon after their arrival, striking the girls with fear.  What do the men in the boat want?

Greta hears beautiful but eerie violin music that floats softly down from the top of a nearby ridge.  At first Greta thinks that she has the ability to receive radio signals in her mind, but later decides that the violin is played by a phantom or possibly a real person.

Jane Withers and the Phantom Violin
Greta soon meets the mysterious violinist, who has lived as a hermit for a year, but now Greta must discover his secret.  Jeanna runs away for a time with her gypsy friends and their dancing bear.  In time, the girls discover that the men in the boat were likely searching for treasure, a treasure that the girls manage to find.
  2390 Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphinx                  1943
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
You have known the way that leads to peace . . . You are bidden.

Mysterious invitations branded by the Sign of the Sphinx and a friend's acquaintance who has disappeared without a trace are the circumstances that pull Ann Sheridan into a strange mystery. Tess Whitehouse and Gail De Lane are concerned about Gail's sister, Lacey.  Lacey has been distant and withdrawn for several weeks and frequently disappears for hours at a time with no explanation for her actions.  The only clue is the stack of strange invitations, beckoning Lacey to a secret location. 

Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphinx
With the help of Crunch Boyden, Ann traces Lacey to the secret meeting place.  The two young people face grave danger as they attempt to rescue Lacey and several others from the grasp of a criminal organization.
  2301 Jane Withers and the Swamp Wizard                         1944
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
Only seven miles, Mrs. Burke had said.  It should be a simple enough matter to find someone else to go to her sister's for her, someone from the village.  Because Mrs. Burke must know everybody there.  She had begged the girls to go, begged a stranger!  Why did she have to ask a stranger?

Jane Withers and her friend, Cokey, find themselves stranded at an unfriendly woman's house after a sudden flood cuts off their only means of escape.  The woman and her family are victims of their superstitious fear of the Swamp Wizard, who lives in a nearby swamp, and according to legend, the Swamp Wizard takes somebody whenever strangers are near.

Jane Withers and the Swamp Wizard
The unearthly screams of the Swamp Wizard unnerve Jane and Cokey and send the Frieson family into a panic.  The girls are regarded as enemies who have awakened the Swamp Wizard.  Jane and Cokey wonder if they will ever escape as they face the horror of the mysterious Swamp Wizard and their fear that the Friesons will do something drastic.
  2308 Judy Garland and the Hoodoo Costume                     1945
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
Judy Garland agrees to return a misplaced dress to the owner, but what should have been an easy errand becomes a lengthy ordeal, almost as though the dress has brought a curse upon Judy.  Judy first traces Frederica Hammond to her boarding house and finally to the home of a sick relative.

Judy travels to the home of Myrta Mattis where she discovers that Frederica is held a prisoner by Myrta's relatives, who appear to be attempting to poison Myrta.  Frederica insists that Judy will be held a prisoner as well if her presence becomes known.  Judy devises a plan of escape for herself through the basement and plans to go for help.

Judy Garland and the Hoodoo Costume
Judy's escape is cut short after a servant mistakes her as a spirit that has risen from the nearby lake.  Judy is then forced by a spirit swindler into performing as a spirit for his clients.  It is only by a stroke of good luck that help arrives for Judy, and Frederica is saved from her prison.
  2311 Shirley Temple and the Spirit of Dragonwood            1945
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
Shirley Temple and her friend, Betha, anticipate a wonderful weekend at Dragonwood, the home of Betha's grandmother.  Betha and her other relatives have gathered for Mrs. Kaylor's birthday celebration.  Everything is perfect, except—Mrs. Kaylor has suddenly vanished!

Betha's worst nightmare has come true, and she has nobody to lean on except Shirley.  Betha's aunt, uncle, and cousin all hate Betha and appear to have some type of scheme in mind.  Hannah, one of the elderly servants, hears strange noises and insists that the Spirit of Dragonwood is responsible for her employer's disappearance.

Shirley Temple and the Spirit of Dragonwood
Betha struggles to remain strong in her grandmother's absence, and it is only with Shirley's support that Betha summons the courage to face her unpleasant relatives.  Shirley and Betha finally learn the truth about Mrs. Kaylor, and Betha reaches a truce with her relatives.
  2330 Shirley Temple and the Screaming Specter               1946
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
When Shirley Temple arrives with the Dollard family at Leech Lake Resort, Shirley feels that something is not right.  The resort is deserted, and an atmosphere of fear is pervasive.  The manager's daughter, Nita Wilcox, a young woman named Rose, the caretaker, Deke Curtis—all are deathly afraid of something.

A stone on a witch, and when the stone is lifted off years afterward, a lot of terrible things begin to happen!

Such is the story told to Shirley by Deke Curtis.  Shirley refuses to believe the story, and yet—what of the screaming specter that even she has heard?

Shirley Temple and the Screaming Specter
Shirley's grim determination to help others in peril is unwavering despite repeated rebuffs by both Nita and Rose.  Ultimately, Shirley triumphs and helps bring peace to the Leech Lake Resort and its inhabitants.
  2304 Gene Tierney and the Invisible Wedding Gift             1947
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
Gene Tierney visits her newly-married friend, Barbara, but is surprised to find her upset and worried.  The invisible wedding gift has thrown a veil of fear upon the entire family.  Aunt Harriet Van Allen has heard the invisible clock twice, and the clock is an omen of death.  Mrs. Van Allen is convinced that her death is imminent.

Gene believes none of the superstitious nonsense and yet—something has frightened Barbara and Mrs. Van Allen.  Gene feels decidedly out of place during the family crisis and is tempted to leave.  Gene's plans change abruptly when Mrs. Van Allen's housekeeper, Emma, calls, urging Gene to come to Mrs. Van Allen's home.

Gene Tierney and the Invisible Wedding Gift
Gene has now taken center stage in the family drama, and after unexpectedly stumbling into a secret passage, Gene learns of a plot against Mrs. Van Allen.  Gene devises a plan that reveals the plot to Mrs. Van Allen and rescues the family from its superstitious fear.
  2305 Gregory Peck and the Red Box Enigma                       1947
           by Kathryn Heisenfelt
Gregory Peck hurries to the hospital in answer to an urgent call from his friend, Mark Clayton.  Mark had been hurt just as he was about to visit his grandmother, whom he has never seen.

Gregory, at Mark's insistence, goes in his stead and finds Mrs. Clayton so upset by a series of weird threats, that he hesitates to reveal his identity.  As Mark Clayton, Gergory finds himself tangled in a strange, mysterious plot devised by a money-mad schemer.

Can Gregory discover what is really going on?

Gregory Peck and the Red Box Enigma
  2306 Betty Grable and the House of Cobwebs                    1947
            by Kathryn Heisenfelt
Betty Grable unexpectedly becomes the heir of a man she has never met.  Old Luke Kostik saw Betty entering her place of employment one day and based on that brief sighting makes Betty his heir.  Betty believes that a mistake has been made, but Old Luke's attorney insists that Betty resembles Luke's wife.  Betty remains bewildered, but accepts the story.

Betty is further astounded when she is told that before she can claim her inheritance she must stay in Old Luke's house for one week and then must ask his dog a question.  Reluctantly, Betty and her friend, Nesta, begin their one week stay at Old Luke's home.  The girls feel afraid but cannot pinpoint the cause of their alarm.

Betty Grable and the House of Cobwebs
The girls soon learn that a treasure is hidden on Luke's property, but before they can find it, other relatives arrive in an attempt to steal it.  Betty and Nesta must work quickly to save Luke's treasure before his unscrupulous relatives find it.
  2307 Dorothy Lamour and the Haunted Lighthouse            1947
           by Matilda Bailey
Dorothy Lamour arrives in Pilot Town to accept a position as the secretary to Larry Edmunds, the keeper of the lighthouse.  Upon Dorothy's arrival in the town, she hears rumors that the lighthouse is haunted.  Dorothy worries that her new position may not be to her liking, especially since the last two secretaries fled in terror.

Dorothy's fears are partially put to rest after she meets Larry and his wife, Eleanor.  The Edmunds are young and friendly, making Dorothy feel welcome.  However, during Dorothy's first night at the lighthouse, she hears strange sounds from within the wall.

Dorothy Lamour and the Haunted Lighthouse
Dorothy explores the nearby marshes and islands with her new friends, Kathy and Pat.  Soon, Dorothy realizes that unscrupulous persons are responsible for the mysterious happenings around the lighthouse, and with the help of Kathy and Pat, Dorothy discovers the secret of the lighthouse.
  2324 Van Johnson: The Luckiest Guy in the World             1947
           by Elizabeth Beecher
Van Johnson's first memories of his home in Newport, Rhode Island, are of a small brown house, a well-filled cookie jar, and a fun-loving father.

For a while, Red Johnson longs to own a piano, but then he decides that circus life is the only life for him.  Amateur plays in the garage arouse his first theatrical ambitions and when his friends enter dancing school, he begs to be allowed to join them.  A solo song-and-dance number on a real stage gives Van his first thrilling view of backstage.

This book tells the story of Van's rise to fame.

Van Johnson: The Luckiest Guy in the World
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