Brad Forrest Adventure Series

Brad Forrest Adventure Series
by Hugh Maitland

The Brad Forrest Adventure series was published by Longmans Canada Limited.  All eight books were published in the picture cover edition by Longmans, and the first four books were published in hardcover with dust jacket by World Distributors in England.  All eight books are of equal availability, so none of the them are harder to find than the rest of the series.
Titles in the Brad Forrest Adventure Series:

  1. Brad Forrest's Hong Kong Adventure, 1964
  2. Brad Forrest's Los Angeles Adventure, 1964
  3. Brad Forrest's Madagascar Adventure, 1964
  4. Brad Forrest's Calgary Adventure, 1964
  5. Brad Forrest's New York Adventure, 1965
  6. Brad Forrest's Yucatan Adventure, 1965
  7. Brad Forrest's Halifax Adventure, 1965
  8. Brad Forrest's London Adventure, 1965

The picture cover books advertise volumes 9 through 16 on the back cover as forthcoming, but those books were never published.

The Brad Forrest series was likely inspired by the Biff Brewster series.  Both series have a rather similar premise, and the first few Brad Forrest books have stories that are loosely similar to Biff Brewster books.  Brad Forrest is a college student at the University of Toronto.  Brad's father owns a newspaper empire.  Brad's mother is alive, but she only appears in one book in a minor role.  Brad travels to various locations around the world and invariably stumbles into danger and adventure.  In each book, Brad is helped by a friend, and the friend is different in each book.

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