Brad Forrest Adventure Series

Brad Forrest Adventure Series
by Hugh Maitland

The summaries for #1-3 and #8 have been adapted from the publisher summaries.
  #1 Brad Forrest's Hong Kong Adventure
Darrel Hays has disappeared.  He was last seen in Hong Kong and, since he works for Brad's father as a newspaper correspondent for Forrest Newspaper Enterprises, Mr. Forrest decides immediately to investigate the mystery himself.

That is how Brad finds himself on the way to Hong Kong with a good prospect of seeing some excitement; but long before he reaches his destination, things begin to happen.  To begin with, a United Nations official named Mr. Carter is kidnapped, and it is hard to believe that the explosion that injures Mr. Forrest is not part of that criminal scheme.

So Brad goes on alone and, with the help of a Chinese boy named Keye Tee, follows Hays' traces behind the Bamboo Curtain. 

Brad Forrest's Hong Kong Adventure
There they are captured by the treachery of Colonel Ting, and it is rough going not only to escape but to complete their mission and to capture a P.T. boat in order to make their way back to Hong Kong.
  #2 Brad Forrest's Los Angeles Adventure
When the lawyer in Toronto entrusts special documents to Brad Forrest for delivery to his father in Los Angeles, it seems a simple and very pleasant excuse for a trip to California.  But the task is not to prove simple at all, because it soon becomes apparent that someone—or some gang—is determined that those documents will never reach Mr. Forrest.

Brad finds it very pleasant to meet a young movie actor named Dick Devore, who happens to strongly resemble Brad.  Unfortunately, Brad gets mixed up with Maxie Korman, a known gangster, and witnesses the robbery of a jewelry shop in the hotel.  Both Brad and Dick are mistaken for each other and are abducted by the villains, who are interested in both of them for different reasons.  Despite all, Brad manages to cling to the important documents even during the forest fire that threatens to end all their careers!

Brad Forrest's Los Angeles Adventure
Even more dangerous are the underworld activities that Mr. Forrest's newspaper is hoping to expose, and Brad comes through this unexpected adventure by the skin of his teeth.
  #3 Brad Forrest's Madagascar Adventure
Given a chance to go to Madagascar, Brad Forrest jumps at it—who wouldn't?  He is to join his father out there on an exciting dig for ancient ruins.  But when Brad arrives, he learns that Mr. Forrest has disappeared!  Colonel Le May of the French Colonial Police is taking no chances, particularly as trouble has broken out at the dig, so the investigation starts immediately.  Brad travels into the mountains with Sergeant Terez, all the while worrying that they will be too late.  Mr. Forrest's captors might smuggle him off the island and over to Africa, out of their reach.

To speed the search, Brad even tries using a helicopter with mixed results.  The trouble-makers at the dig cause endless problems, as they are egged on by their wily leader, the mysterious El Maul.  Coupled with landslides on the mountain, the going is made particularly difficult.

Brad Forrest's Madagascar Adventure
A strange territory, unknown people, and the fear of never seeing his father again make this one of Brad's most alarming adventures.
  #4 Brad Forrest's Calgary Adventure
Brad Forrest and his friend, John Smart, travel to Calgary where John lives on a ranch.  On the plane with the boys is another friend, Jason, who is going to explore the mountains near Calgary in search of the Abominable Snowman.  While in Calgary, Brad and John plan to participate in the Calgary Stampede.

Once the boys arrive at the ranch, they learn that odd events have transpired, and now John's favorite horse has been stolen!  Meanwhile, Grey Eagle, who once worked on the ranch, has recently come back from prison.  The Smarts believe that Grey Eagle was convicted wrongfully, and now they fear that his son, Little Eagle, will get into trouble.  Unfortunately, Little Eagle is staying with the very man who helped send Grey Eagle to prison.

Brad Forrest's Calgary Adventure
The Abominable Snowman is spotted in the mountains near the ranch, and soon, the boys realize that the strange creature poses a real threat.  How Brad and his friends save Little Eagle and solve the mystery of the Snowman makes for a thrilling story.
  #5 Brad Forrest's New York Adventure
Brad Forrest is on the way to New York to hear an important speech his father will give at a UN meeting.  In the speech, Mr. Forrest will present evidence about an international narcotics smuggling ring.  While on the train, Brad meets the importer Wilmot D'Angelo, who claims that another man on the train, Rick Randolph, is a criminal who is out to get him.  D'Angelo entrusts a notecase to Brad, telling him that he will pick it up in New York. 

Brad soon learns that he can take nothing at face value.  D'Angelo's story doesn't quite hold up, and Randolph is apparently a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police—or so he says.  However, when Brad takes his concerns to the Treasury Office, the agent confirms nothing that Brad tells him, leaving Brad in doubt as to what he should do if approached again by either man.

Brad Forrest's New York Adventure
Brad finds himself caught up to his neck in intrigue, as he works to undercover who is telling the truth and who is the mastermind behind the smuggling ring.  Almost too late, Brad realizes that the smugglers plan to stop Mr. Forrest from making his speech.  How Brad helps to bring the smuggling ring to justice will keep the reader enthralled until the end of the story.
  #6 Brad Forrest's Yucatan Adventure
Brad Forrest's friend, Jose Hernandez, invites Brad to stay with him at his family's chicle plantation in the Quintana Roo jungles of Yucatan.  The vacation turns into a thrilling adventure after Jose's father is attacked and injured.  Mr. Hernandez's plantation has been plagued with problems, primarily caused by the bandit El Peso.  After Mr. Hernandez is informed that most of the natives have deserted their jobs on the plantation, Jose and Brad head to the plantation to see if they can help.

At the plantation, Felipe, who is one of the natives, behaves suspiciously, and the group soon learns that they have formidable opponents.  The boys follow El Peso's trail into the jungle, which eventually leads to clues concerning Frank Dawson, an American who is missing in the jungle.  The discovery of an underground river provides another piece of the puzzle.

Brad Forrest's Yucatan Adventure
Brad and Jose find themselves captured by El Peso and must use all of their wits to escape certain death.
  #7 Brad Forrest's Halifax Adventure
Brad Forrest is assigned to newspaper work in Montreal, where he is then sent to Halifax to cover the search for treasure on Oak Island.  Brad is also supposed to find out what is going on with Peter Grey, who was discharged from the Canadian navy under mysterious circumstances.

Upon Brad's arrival in Halifax, he makes the acquaintance of Conn Casey, a young fisherman, who then joins him on Oak Island.  Captain Scott, who is in charge of the dig, tells the boys that the search for treasure has been delayed due to the actions of crooks, who may be after something else.

Brad soon becomes suspicious of Dwight Davis, who owns a yacht and behaves suspiciously.  Peter Grey briefly appears and then disappears, and Brad soon suspects that the various strange events are all connected.

Brad Forrest's Halifax Adventure
Brad and Conn find themselves in grave danger as they seek to uncover the plot against the dig, and how they bring the criminals to justice will keep the reader thrilled until the very end.
  #8 Brad Forrest's London Adventure
Brad Forrest has been sent to London to work in his father's newspaper office.  Brad can't seem to stay away from adventure.  As soon as Brad lands at the airport, he witnesses an abduction!  Dr. Stephen Brand, who holds the secret to a weather receiver, has been abducted by a foreign power so that the weather receiver and top secret information can be stolen.

Soon, Britain's reputation is at stake, since the cancellation of the launch of an important weather rocket has caused some people to view the nation as in disgrace.  Brad's new friend, Marty Thompson, helps Brad follow several leads as to Dr. Brand's whereabouts, but each clue leads to a dead alley.  The boys work closely with Scotland Yard, but their search is constantly sidetracked by a mysterious Igor Kelinski and an even more elusive Mr. Myers.

Brad Forrest's London Adventure
Brad and Marty search the slums of London and their chase through the city ends in the notorious docks area in a desperate fight to keep Dr. Brand and his secret in England.
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